Come! Let us Pray.
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Do you have a burden for our Nation? Come! Let us join together in prayer and see a real and long lasting Revival among our brothers and sisters. Let us see a spiritual awakening that will cleanse our Nation and bring back Holiness and Peace. Let us see a real Biblical impact in the lives of the Children of God to be real Witnesses for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Come! Let us Pray.

The Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ was brought into India as early as the First Century by St. Thomas. Now as we stand here 2000 years later and look back through the centuries, the Gospel is yet to bloom. Shockingly, the census marks only 5% of the 127 crore population of India as reached. Shall we take a few moments of our time to do something about it?

Come ! Let us Pray.

God has made a covenant of Revival in II Chronicles 7: 14 with His children. We also see our God has fulfilled this covenant through the centuries whenever His people who are called by His Name humbled themselves and looked at His face for the healing of their nation.
History is filled with repeated proofs of life changing, moral uplifting, sin cleansing experiences, whenever His children submitted themselves with dedication, fervent prayer and complete obedience. Men and women of God with dedication have shown the world that our Lord waits for us to fulfill our part of this revival covenant.

Come ! Let us Pray.

Praise God for the Revivals our Lord has sent to our Land in the past in answer to the prayers of groups of men and women in various parts of the country. But we are responsible in this generation for the renewal of God’s children today.

Biblical Overview

For a period of sixty five years during the reign of King Asa and his son, King Jehoshaphat, there was a movement of revival and reformation. This revival-reformation undoubtedly saved Judah from extinction and called the nation back to God. The Acts of the Apostles is the Acts of the Holy Spirit bringing in revival when the disciples obeyed and dedicated their lives to His ministry. Thousands were added to the Kingdom of God daily.

“God wants us to remember and reflect on how He has worked in the past. He wants this remembrance to make us hungry to see Him work again in all His historic power. If God’s people hunger deeply enough, God will hear and send Revival”(By Wesley Duewel in his book “Revival Fire”)

God wants us to see for ourselves how He has worked through centuries past. Since He is the author of Revival among His people, He wants to work again with all His mighty power through the lives of His children for a Holy spirit anointed, life changing Revival in these last days. We all know that His return to gather His saints is at hand and the latter rain should fall before this happens. For this God wants you and me to take the baton and run for Him with our obedience, compassion, burden, dedication, and unity for a later day Pentecost to appear in our generation. To respond to the call of the Master to fulfill our part of His covenant for Revival, let us accept His holy challenge given in II Chronicles 7 : 14.

  1. “If my people will humble themselves” How many of God’s people take the call of God to humble themselves before Him with all seriousness? How many are willing to humble themselves with a contrite and broken heart for the Lord to send a Revival to our land? Humble yourself in private prayer. Humble yourself before God when you gather together for a Prayer in your assembly. Humble yourself with fasting. Psalms 35:13 says “I humbled my soul with fasting”.
  2. “And pray and seek my face”. Revival has come whenever the Children of God has given themselves to fervent prayer and sought God’s face with all sincerity and obedience towards Holiness. History repeats itself to show that God’s work on the earth has always found faithful praying saints, holding on before Him in prayer, pleading God to revive His people.
  3. “And turn from their wicked ways” Anything that grieves the heart of God, whether the things we did or things we failed to do will hinder our efforts to respond to God’s requirement for a revival. The Holy Spirit may at times correct us with deep conviction of our failure and point out areas in our lives that hinder His working. Instant obedience and repentance of anything that the Holy Spirit shows us will prepare the way for the Revival in ourselves and make us ready to pray for the Revival of His children.

These are the three essential steps in preparing the way of the Lord for Revival. When we fulfill His conditions for Revival, He will forgive us and give gracious healing to our Nation, India.Come ! Let us Pray

Pray For


But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. – (Luke 5:16)

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.(Mathew 9:37,38) - JESUS

Pray continually – (I Thess.5:17)

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.(Ephesians 6:18)


We are going to pray at this dedicated time only for Churches and believers as we know that Revival starts only from them.

We would like you to join with the extended community of God in one accord praying
for the most needed and promised -- REVIVAL

Here, we have tried on a serious and prayerful attempt to help you with a tool,
a daily guide to narrow down in perspective to ask unto our God for this Revival.

To pray for 30 minutes -- Click here
To pray for a minimum of one hour or more -- Click here

Revival is wrought by God through His Holy Spirit, who works in believers as the Spirit of Prayer
-- Leonard Ravenhill in Revival Praying

We invite all who have a burden for our Nation to join with us in Prayer. Come! Let us see a real and long lasting Revival among our brothers and sisters. Let us see a Revival that will cleanse our Nation and bring back Holiness and Peace. Let us see a real Biblical change in the lives of the Children of God to be real Witnesses for our Lord Jesus Christ.