Late in 2013, a vision was birthed in the hearts of a group of friends living in the Southern tip of India. They felt a strong burden placed in their hearts by God to pray for revival, a revival that would begin in the Southern tip of India, a revival whose flames will be fanned across India and engulf the entire nation. 

This vision, this burning in their hearts is also backed by many servants of God who had the same burden during the last quarter of the century that an end time revival would start in the Southern tip of India and spread across the entire nation.

 We are group of people who have a firm belief that the prosperity of our Nation is in the hands of the praying Children of God. We encourage all the born-again children of God to pray for the nation for the fulfillment of the covenant of Revival given in 2 Chronicles 7:14 .Our aim is to encourage believers to pray for one state throughout the year and also our aim is to give a programme to pray for one state per day so that a person can pray for the 29 states and 7 Union Territories in a month’s time.

We  invite and  encourage believers to pray for one state per day as per the schedule coming across everyday in the web.

We are a spiritual prayer movement and are inter-denominational and will not interfere with any denomination or group in their ministry.

We would like to inform every visitor  that we do not solicit any donations or gifts for the ministry and happy to inform that our needs are met by our ever-providing Lord.